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Mass Effect is a science fiction role videogame for Xbox 360 and PC
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Dark Prince

Dark Prince it's a fantastic program.It gives us so much information

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Guest Hi there!
Overall, Mass effect is a great game with an open galaxy to explore. The gameplay style is similar in some ways to 'Oblivion IV' where you spend some time changing weapons and armour etc. You also get to command and direct your 'away teams' firepower which does make a difference in a life & death situation. Some of the effects are quite stunning and the combat can be unpredictable at first,that is, until you get to know your enemies. There are a few issues where the game has to be restarted in the conversation interface where you click on 'investigate'. Other than that, the game runs well. Exploring and scanning other solar systems and other planets etc is a good idea, however, the game somehow does'nt remember that you have visited these areas and you find yourself going over the same places more than once, which can be a bit frustrating. Also the enemy's dialog during combat is very repetitive. All in all, a good solid game with my rating of 8/10 compared to 'Oblivion' being the best game ever!! Oh I must add, there are lots of decision making sections in the storyline that can be challenging as they affect the outcome of the plot and also change the way other characters react towards you! ---enjoy! Stew

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